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Welcome All!


Welcome to the Rise of the Guardians group!
We hope you have fun and enjoy your stay ^^


:bulletblue: Whether it's from the books or the movie, keep it RotG related :)
:bulletred: No mature content. This is a kid centered series and we're keeping it that way.
:bulletred: No art theft or reposting of others' works! We want to see your work and not someone else's work.
:bulletred: No screenshots, gifs from the movie, or posting of official artwork. It goes against deviantArt's copyright rules and is the same thing as stealing - even if you edit it yourself.
:bulletblue: Treat each other nicely and we'll all get along great :)
:bulletgreen: Just have fun you guys!

Movie Quotes

Bunnymund: But none of them believe in you, did they?
Tooth: Bunny! Enough!
Jack Frost: No, the kangaroo's right.
Bunnymund: The- The what!? What did you call me? I'm not a kangaroo, mate.
Jack Frost: If you're not a kangaroo, what are you?
Bunnymund: I'm a bunny. The easter bunny!

North: Sandy? Sandy?
[slaps the dozing Sandman awake]

"Tooth: Look at all the pretty teeth with the cute little blood and gum on them!
Sophie: Whaaaa!
Tooth: Don't forget to floss!"

Jack Frost: "Slow down, would ya? I've been trying to bust in here for a long time. I want a good look."
North: "What do you mean, bust in?"
Jack Frost: "Oh, don't worry, I never got past the Yetis."
North: "Keep up, Jack, keep up."
Jack Frost: "I always thought the elves made the toys."
North: "We just let them believe that."

Jamie: "Santa Claus? The Easter Bunny? Sandman? The Tooth Fairy? I knew you'd come!"
Tooth: "Surprise! We came! Shhh, you guys, he's still awake!"
Bunnymund: "Sandy, knock him out! With the dream sand, you Gumby!"
Jamie: "No, stop, that's the Easter Bunny. What are you doing, Abby, down!"
Bunnymund: "All right, nobody panic."
Jack Frost: "That's a, um, that's a greyhound. Do you know what greyhounds do to rabbits?"
Bunnymund: "I think it's a pretty safe bet he's never met a rabbit like me. Six-foot-one, nerves of steel, master of Tai Chi and the ancient art... Crikey!"

North: Everyone to the sleigh!
Jack: There's no way I'm climbing into some rickety old...[sees the upgraded sleigh] Okay, one ride, but that's it.
North: Everyone loves the sleigh.

North: Music! [elves begin playing music]
Jack: No music!

Bunnymund: [to Jack Frost] Hello, mate. Been a long time. Blizzard of '68, I believe. Easter Sunday, wasn't it?
Jack: You're not still mad about that, are ya?
Bunnymund: Yes, but this is about something else.

North: Everyone, to the sleigh! Buckle up!
Bunnymund: Where are the bloody seat belts?
North: Ha! That was just expression!

Jack: Why me?
North: You have something very special inside. I feel it . . .in my belly.
Hello everyone!
I just want you to know that that one year anniversary of ROTG is coming up! (YAAAY!)
So I really want to do something special, but I really have no idea what it should be about?
Maybe I do a contest..?

So, does anyone have a better idea, or should we just do a contest?
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SoeRaven Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi there ! I started a Rotg contest and I was wondering if you people would like to take a look ? Here's the link :…

If you're interested, just let me know ! :) (Smile)
Thank you 
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